Model Call!

Model Call! 

1.  Do you have highlights or balayage in your hair and it feels too brassy?  We need you!  If you have exisiting highlights or balayage and it feels too brassy, we need two people who would like to model for a new toner.

2.  Are you looking to go platinum blonde?  Do you have medium brown, short to medium length hair?  We need you! We are currently in need of one person to go all over platinum blonde.

3.  Are you looking to go red?  We are currently looking for one model with blonde or medium brown hair who wants to go red.

Consultations with owner Judy Puffer are required for all models.  If you are interested in being a model, please call and speak to one of our front desk professionals at (413)568-9000 to reserve a consultation.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you soon!


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