Meet Our Salon Team

Judy Puffer

Judy Puffer, Owner & Stylist

Owner Judy Puffer developed Puffer's Salon and Day Spa over twenty-five years ago. Her passion for hair styling led her to elite schools across the United States and Canada, including Vidal Sassoon in California and Van Fike Academy in Canada. She has advanced training from Whitman and Whitman in Vermont, Aveda Institute in Minnesota, and the Aveda Educational Center in Boston and New York.  An Aveda educator and mentor inspired her to choose Aveda and develop a Concept Salon, not only for its educational guidance, but because of the example they set for environmental leadership and their responsibility to give back to society. 
She takes pride in her staff's ability to work as a team as well as their eagerness to learn and improve their skills to better serve their guests.

- 2007 Business of the Year, presented by Greater Westfield Chamber of Commerce
- 1989 Aveda Highest Achievement Award for the East Coast


Adreana, Senior Stylist 

Adreana's passion for hair began at an early age. She started shadowing at Puffer's through Business Education Alliance in high school and joined Puffer's after graduating from Springfield Technical Community College in 2002. She executes long hair design with ease, providing guests with classic and modern styles. Her skill is evident in the way she conducts instructional education for classes like "Mommy & Me"--a class teaching mothers and daughter's braids, tips and tricks to styling. In 2011, she coordinated a successful cut-a-thon fundraising event for Boston Children's Hospital in honor of her son Mason.


Anne, Senior Stylist

As a team member of Puffer's since 1994, Anne has extensive training from Aveda Educators. Her versatility can be seen in her work and she can confidently recommend products to clients to enhance their style at home. She has a creative eye and the ability to offer suggestions to complement her guest's complexion, face shape and structure. She is exceptional at creative wrap design, specifically ponytail perms, and is a skilled razor cutter.
Anne graduated from Whitman's Academy of Hair Design in 1994 and continues to receive advanced Aveda education in hair cutting and colouring. She has been involved in TLC's A Makeover Story, as well as various fundraising events.


Chris, Senior Stylist

Chris has a long history with Puffer's having been with the company for the past 25 years. During this time she has participated in advanced Aveda education and continues to expand her talent. Chris was in the first graduating class at Whitman's Academy of Hair Design in Vermont and was an award-winner for both her long hair design and hair cutting. In addition, she attended Pivot Point, an Academy in Chicago, and the Aveda Institute in Minneapolis, to enhance her cutting capabilities. She is certified in the Keratin Taming System and well-experienced in permanent waves. 

As a senior stylist, she is reliable, efficient and maintains a close relationship with her clients.


Colleen, Makeup Artist & Stylist

Colleen has been a stylist since graduating from the New England Center for Cosmetology in 2009.  She joined Puffer's in 2013 and is a talented stylist who also specializes in facial waxing, makeup, and airbrushing.
She takes joy in designing for special occasions and shared her talent by providing styles at the 2013 Westfield Colleen Pageant. 

Colleen continues to receive advanced education from Puffer's Cutting Specialist, Kristen, and the Aveda Institute in Boston.


Emma, Stylist

Emma is the newest addition to the Puffer team and she is amazing!  Emma's passion and drive to succeed as a stylist are marveled only by her natural talent.  Her talent is evident in her flawless long hair designs for formal events such as weddings, parties, and proms.  While very outgoing and bubbly, Emma has an 'old soul' making her the perfect addition to the Puffer team of youthful energy and seasoned charm.

Emma is a 2017 graduate of Springfield Technical Community College.


Jamie, Senior Stylist & Aveda Certified Hair Colour Trainer

Jamie is an Aveda Certified Hair Colour Trainer and Puffer's Colour Specialist. She receives in-depth Aveda education from Minneapolis and New York and communicates her knowledge of colour to the Puffer's salon team. Jamie's patience is acknowledged by her guests in the way she conducts her colour consultations. She offers recommendations to help customers achieve their desired look without jeopardizing the quality of their hair. She is highly skilled in all areas of hair cutting and styling techniques.  

She has been with Puffer's for over fifteen years and her career has been very diverse--participating in TLC's a makeover story, commercials, and various fundraising events. 


Julie, Senior Stylist

Julie enjoys being challenged to think outside the box in both hair cutting and color.  She has a passion for creating dimensional and vibrant color. Her motto, "go big or go home" is evident in the product she suggests---Thickening Tonic--for the volume it creates. Although she thrives in unconventional hair styles, she is well versed in many traditional styles as well. In addition to hair styling, she is available for facial waxing and is a Reiki master which she practices in our spa.

She has been involved in community events, fundraisers, and was featured in a commercial highlighting Puffer's Salon and Day Spa.


Kate, Assistant Director of Haircutting & Senior Stylist

Kate cuts with precision and is meticulous in her long hair designs.  Her patience and thorough consultations are especially appreciated among her young guests. She is knowledgeable in all forms of hair cutting, colouring, and design perm wraps for textured styles. Kate continues to advance her education at the Aveda Institutes in Minneapolis and Boston to stay on the forefront of cutting and styling techniques.

She has been involved in community events, fundraisers, and was featured in a commercial highlighting Puffer's Salon and Day Spa. 


K.C., Stylist

K.C.'s enthusiasm for haircutting is present every time a guest sits in her chair. Each guest is given her full attention--from consult to styling, K.C. offers tips and product suggestions to recreate their look at home. 

She began her career at Puffer's after graduating from Springfield Technical Community College in 2009. She continues to challenge her creativity by attending advanced Aveda education in Minneapolis and Boston. Her academic focus on scissor and razor cutting allows her to cut fine hair with precision.

K.C. has been involved in many community and fundraising events and was featured in a commercial highlighting Puffer's Salon and Day Spa. 


Kristen, Director of Haircutting & Senior Stylist

As Director of Haircutting, Kristen is consistently learning new skills and techniques to keep Puffer's on the forefront of cutting. She has participated in advanced Aveda education with national artists in Minneapolis, Boston and New York City. She is a detailed stylist with a strong sense of design and uses her knowledge of hair cutting to educate each new Puffer's hire on Aveda artistry. Each guest receives Kristen's utmost attention, as she enjoys providing her clients with an unforgettable salon experience. 

Kristen attended Whitman's Academy of Hair Design in Vermont and has been with Puffer's since 1993. She has participated in various fundraising events and TLC's A Makeover Story. 

Kelsea, Stylist

Kelsea is a talented stylist who specializes in long hair design, updos, color, balayage, and haircutting.  She continues to advance her education with Aveda and she has also taken the Blonde Obsessed class by Redkin.  Kelsea’s easygoing personality is a trait enjoyed by her guests.  She is a 2014 graduate of Springfield Technical Community College where she was awarded the David and Andrea Whitman scholarship.  The scholarship required Kelsea to participate in a styling competition that Kelsea won because of her proficiency with long hair design.  Kelsea joined the Puffer’s family in May of 2014.


Melanie, Makeup Artist & Stylist

Melanie appreciates the versatility of Aveda's Full Spectrum hair colour---providing guests who like to push the envelope a customized colour---from vibrant blue to rich orange hues. In addition, she is well-versed in traditional styles for guests who want to update their current look.  It is only fitting she uses her knowledge of colour theory for makeup applications and lessons. At New York City Fashion Week, she prepared the model's makeup for the runway under the direction of Janessa Pare, lead Aveda artist for the event. Melanie also receives frequent education at the Aveda Institute in Boston for hair cutting and styling. She has been with Puffer's since graduating from Springfield Technical Community College in 2011.


Rachelle, Senior Stylist

Rachelle has been with Puffer's since its first location on Church Street in Westfield over 20 years ago. Her vast knowledge of the industry, coupled with years of advanced Aveda education, has earned her a title of Senior Stylist. She has years of experience in all forms of hair cutting, styling, colour, and specialized services--including perms and the Keratin Taming System.


Sarah, Makeup Artist & Stylist

Sarah is a passionate makeup artist who has shown her talent at New York City Fashion Week since 2010.  Sarah also assisted Aveda Global Artistic Director for Makeup, Janell Geason, at Aveda Congress in Minneapolis. She also has a unique relationship with Supermodels Unlimited Magazine, providing hair and makeup for on-location photo shoots. Sarah traveled to various locations including Maui and Costa Rica with Kimberly Clark, Editor-in-Chief for the magazine. 

Aside from makeup, Sarah is also a skilled hair stylist with a strong vision for special occasion styles. She has instructed an in-house education event for mothers and daughters to learn braiding and styling techniques. Sarah combines her hair and makeup abilities to provide guests with a complete look. 

Sarah graduated from Springfield Technical Community College in 2010 and continues advanced education with the Aveda Institutes in Minneapolis and Boston.