Meet Our Spa Team


Amie, Massage Therapist & Esthetician

Amie strives to provide each guest with an unforgettable spa experience. Her comforting disposition can make even a first time guest feel well-acquainted and relaxed. She was inspired to join Puffer's in 2002 after learning of their reputable massage treatments and Aveda's mission. In addition to her certification from Springfield Technical Community College for Massage Therapy, she is certified in LaStone Therapy and Pre-natal Massage.

Amie completed her certification in esthetics with the Marinello School of Beauty in October 2014.  She continues to advance her education with the Aveda Institute.  Amie's position as both a massage therapist and an esthetician offers a unique opportunity for her guests as she is well versed in performing services with a calming and relaxing demeanor.  She is able to incorporate the relaxing elements of massage into the cleansing and detoxifying elements of esthetics providing guests a service that exemplifies complete relaxation and comfort.  

Amie recommends the Stress Fix bath salts and lotion to relieve feelings of stress.

Brianne, Nail Technician

Brianne has a friendly and fun personality that her guests really enjoy.   After joining the Puffer’s team in 2003, Brianne quickly exceled becoming a talented nail technician with a strong passion for spa pedicures.  Brianne takes great care to ensure each guest has a restful, relaxing, and fun service while with her.  She is skilled in Lastone nail services as well as reflexology and she uses her artistic talents to offer unique nail art for her guests.

Brianne loves Aveda products!  She highly recommends Lipsaver and Hand Relief for the moisturization they offer.


Carolyn, Massage Therapist & Nail Technician

Carolyn joined Puffer's in 2012 after graduating from Springfield Technical Community College. She chose to start her career at Puffer's to advance her education at the Aveda Institute in Boston. She has expanded her knowledge of therapeutic massage by learning a variety of body treatments and massages exclusive to Aveda. She provides strong Swedish and deep tissue massages and takes pleasure in performing the Spa Body Polish. 

She received her nail certification in December of 2012 and she brings her background in massage into her work as a nail technician with her favorite nail service--the lastone pedicure.  The lastone pedicure offers a leg massage with warm basalt stones as well as a warm paraffin wax foot soak leaving your feet both relaxed and moisturized.  Carolyn excels within the lastone services and she uses her talents in massage to ensure her nail guests leave as relaxed and refreshed as her massage guests.

Carolyn recommends Aveda's Hand Relief, Foot Relief, and Lipsaver to add moisture to the skin.


Cathy, Massage Therapist

Cathy is a skilled massage therapist who is particularly strong in head and back massages. She has received advanced education and can offer guests Prenatal and LaStone therapy massage as well. 

She graduated from Springfield Technical Community College in 2003 and joined Puffer's spa team in 2004. To keep her hands smooth, she uses Aveda's Hand Relief and recommends it to her guests to stay hydrated.


Jen, Massage Therapist

Jen communicates openly with her guests to understand their needs and provide relaxation for the utmost spa experience. She is confident she can find a massage style that will make any guest feel comfortable. Her adoration for massage therapy is evident in her technique and greeting to each guest. In particular, Jen enjoys prenatal massages and helping moms-to-be through what can be a challenging and exciting time in their life. She is also excellent with deep tissue massages and incorporates many Thia techniques and stretches into her treatments.  Jen recommends Aveda's Foot Relief lotion to cool and soothe tired feet. 

Jen graduated from Bancroft School of Massage Therapy in Worcester, Massachusetts in 1990. She joined Puffer's in 1994 with a passion for massage therapy and appreciation for Aveda's global commitment and outreach to people. She has advanced education in Massage for the Child-bearing Year, Thai for the Table, and LaStone Therapy Massage. In addition, she has attended the spa conference in Las Vegas and the Aveda Institute in New York.


Katrina, Esthetician & Xtreme Lash Specialist

Katrina joined the Puffer's team in January 2008 after completing an 800 hour Advanced Esthetic Training at the New Center for Esthetics Education. She is skilled in full body waxing and has a strong passion for creating an exceptional spa experience for her facial guests. She maintains her esthetics knowledge and hands-on techniques by regularly attending continuing education classes offered through Aveda. To compliment her enthusiasm for beautiful skin, she is also a trained & talented makeup artist.
Katrina is also an Advanced Certified Extreme Lash Stylist, specializing in both single-lash & volumation applications -- creating thicker, longer, natural looking eyelash extensions.  


Lauren, Esthetician, Nail Technician, & Xtreme Lash Specialist

Lauren joined the Puffer’s Team in 2014 after graduating from the Marinello School of Beauty.  She is a talented esthetician and nail technician who particularly enjoys performing the Dual Exfoliation Facial.  Lauren has a passion for facials which is demonstrated in her caring professionalism and her desire to exceed the needs of every guest.  She continues to advance her education through the Aveda Education Center in Waltham.  In addition to skincare, Lauren also excels as a nail technician and an Xtreme Lash Specialist who maintains an Advanced Certification in Volumation lashes.



Margarita, Nail Technician

Margarita joined Puffer's in 2000 to expand her knowledge of cosmetology with Aveda. She is a strong nail technician with a passion for pedicures. Her certification in reflexology offers guests an alternative to traditional pedicure and manicure services. In each service, Margarita meticulously tends to the hands and feet and offers each guest a relaxing spa experience. To keep nails, hair, and skin hydrated, she recommends Aveda's Beautifying Oil and Hand Relief for a moisturizing experience.

Nicole, Esthetician & Makeup Artist

Nicole joins the Puffer’s team with a passion and an understanding of every aspect of esthetics from the science of skincare to an intuitive, empathetic ability to connect with her guests.  Nicole loves to ensure that her guests receive her utmost attention allowing them to fully relax and recharge while in her care.  Using her perceptive ability to connect with her guests, Nicole tailors each service she provides to the specific needs of her guest.  She provides a calm demeanor, a soothing touch, and an expertly rendered facial that is as relaxing as it is effective at addressing concerns of the skin.

Don’t let her calm demeanor fool you though!  When it’s time for makeup, her enthusiasm and bubbly personality shine!  She uses her perceptive and keen eye to choose the perfect look to help compliment and enhance the natural beauty she finds in each one of her guests.  Her enthusiasm for makeup is surpassed only by her creativity.

Nicole is a 2018 graduate of Jolie Hair and Beauty Academy.

Samantha, Nail Technician

Samantha joins the spa team with an easy-going personality and a desire to form a connection with her guests which makes her a natural talent within the nail department.  She enjoys having the opportunity to connect with her guests so as to provide them with a service that is tailored directly to their needs.  Samantha is particularly fond of performing spa pedicures as they are the most luxurious service allowing each guest the opportunity to relax completely.  Her utmost concern is always on her guest and their comfort level as demonstrated in the care she takes to create a calming, supportive, and relaxing environment for everyone that she greets.

Samantha is a 2007 graduate of Springfield Technical Community College.  Her favorite product recommendation is Botanical Kinetics Hydrating Lotion for its versatility and effectiveness.


Steven, Massage Therapist

Steven joined Puffer's in 2013 after graduating from Springfield Technical Community College. He excels in Swedish and deep tissue massages by listening to the guests' needs and providing them with results they can feel after each treatment. Steven enjoys working with Aveda products and recommends the Botanical Kinetics Hydrating Lotion.